Tagarin - Kashiwagi Yuki Việt Sub (2013)

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Drama Movie

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Thời lượng: (7/11)
Trạng thái: Việt Sub

Nội dung Tagarin - Kashiwagi Yuki Việt Sub (2013)

Chihiro wanted Ohta, a detective from the same station, to help re-investigate the case together. At first, Ohta refused, but when Chihiro mentioned “Let’s go interview the high school girls together”, his interest was heighten and agreed to participate in the highly confidential investigation. There is a rumour regarding this mysterious incident, once you watch “DVD’s Curse”, you will die. Can these two solve the case?
http://coiphimhay.net/Tagarin - Kashiwagi Yuki Việt Sub (2013)Tagarin - Kashiwagi Yuki Việt Sub (2013)